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Predictions have been made regarding various matters from technology to real estate, among others. However, making the right prediction in a year that is marked by a global pandemic is challenging. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create havoc in many countries globally, the real estate industry has dealt a big blow. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many and, more so, those in real estate. The struggles that people and businesses had gone through in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck us several lessons are technology, financial investment, innovation, and education, among other areas.

The post-Covid-19 recovery plan will affect health and wellness, social justice, remote work, among other critical areas. As we entered 2021, mechanisms had been put in place to help in the recovery processes for various businesses that faced the pandemic’s wrath. Commercial real estate has begun its recovery journey from the effects of COVID-19 effects. Although the recovery journey has started for the commercial real estate industry, various setbacks will form the basis of this journey.

Read through this article to see some of the crucial commercial real estate trends we expect this year, 2021.

Remote Working Will Continue

COVID-19 pandemic has not been managed in many parts of the world; hence organizations still encourage their teams to work from home. Many large and medium-sized companies will invest more in remote working despite the setbacks from their team working from home and their inability to strike a balance between work and family. In the spirit of cost-saving, some companies will shrink their footprints by an ideal cost-saving mechanism.

Low-Interest Rates in 2021

Real estate businesses reap high-interest rates from their investment. As the Federal Reserve plans to extend the monetary policy, there will low interest rates in 2021 for this industry. This move is aimed at providing favorable backdrops for commercial borrowers while focusing on recovery plans.

Affordable Housing will be Dream for Many

During Pre-COVID 19 times, affordable housing has been an issue for millions of Americans. However, we thought that 2020 would bring a glim of hope to many, but this would not be. Now that the pandemic is here, the desire to get a safe house will only be embedded in people’s minds, more so those in Class C apartments.